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About Us
AA Patent Drawings is a company formed under the laws of the Republic of India. AA Patent Drawings provides high quality low cost global outsourcing services in the field of Patent illustrations.

The Patent drawings and trademark drawings are made for Patent Attorneys, inventors, companies and law firms and they meet the requirements of the Patent Office of the respective region.

Through AA Patent Drawings, you have an immediate access to highly skilled professionals that deliver world-class Patent Illustration support services. The result is that you gain the benefit of quality output, faster turn around, and higher productivity at unbelievable low cost.

Our expertise is in preparing all types of drawings required to be submitted to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO).

No matter may it be mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics or biological, we can prepare drawings for each branch of science.

We have a team of Patent illustrators trained in accordance with the US and European Patent Rules to draft drawings.

We are always updating our equipments and CAD software to keep us on the cutting-edge of technology so that we can continue to provide our clients with the best services possible.

AA Patent Drawings goes to great lengths to ensure confidentiality of its customer's information. In addition, AA Patent Drawings and its employees are under the same obligation to preserve the confidences and secrets of your clients as your employees.
  • Flow charts
  • Complex graphs
  • Technical drawings
  • Design patent drawings
  • Trademark/logo design
  • Replacement drawings
  • PCT drawings
  • Conversion of colored images into grey scale
  • Drawings from Microphotographs,
    DNA Sequencing

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