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Our Services
Some of the drawings we prepare are

• Design patent drawings
• Utility patent illustrations
• Replacement drawings
• Drawings by description
• Formal drawings preparation from colored images, computer screen shots etc.
• Flow charts
• Complex graphs
• Drawings from Microphotographs, DNA Sequencing
• Biotechnological drawings
• PCT drawings
• Trademark/logo design
• Mechanical drawings including Isometric drawings, assembly drawings, sectional drawings, detailed drawings, exploded view drawings, cut-away drawings, Plan, Elevation etc.

Patent illustrations are delivered in a variety of formats such as PDF, PPT, DWG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF etc.

We can also offer a dedicated Patent Illustrator who can work for your team from our office in India.

Pilot Project: We establish proof of concept even before you enter a formal arrangement by conducting a pilot project. This will clearly define parameters of quality, productivity, turn around time, and cost efficiency.

Some of the drawings we prepare are

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